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MobyReed (318) on 12/28/2023 10:56 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

New milestone! We now have over 50,000 companies in the database. Another nice achievement as we wrap up 2023, which has been an especially productive year for MobyGames. Will do an update in the New Year with a larger retrospective.

Today's release includes the ability to add trivia to platforms. You can do so via platform pages (e.g., Amiga, Atari 2600, DOS, Windows or navigate via the full index here).

It's similar to company trivia in that each piece of trivia is a unique entry, but with the addition of a headline. We'll try out this format with platforms, see if we need to make any changes, then upgrade both company and game trivia so all of them use the same system. Game trivia will be a larger project since those (unfortunately!) use a single shared text field instead of unique entries.

Also note a new game relation type for "conversions", which includes ports, remakes, demakes, remasters and asset flips.


  • Added new feature to platforms: Trivia
  • Added new game relation type: Conversion (official and unofficial). This applies to ports, remakes, demakes, remasters and asset flips.
  • Updated and added links to the MobyGames Style Guide
  • Added automated price support for GOG, Itch, Nintendo, Xbox, iTunes. Current price for these, plus Steam/Amazon/eBay from before, are displayed on game pages when available.
  • Added point values for game contributions on game pages and contribution tools
  • Added call to action on games missing a Moby approved description
  • Added "download release" description to Nintendo games when applicable
  • Added current identifiers to game identifier contribution tool
  • Added approval comments option to game relations
  • Don't allow parent game to be selected as a child game with game relations
  • Fixed country selection when creating new cover groups
  • Fixed a bunch of various UI bugs
  • Various SEO tweaks and backend updates
  • Approvers: Added edit link to critic reviews
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Emitewiki (157) on 12/28/2023 11:35 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Yes!! I love the call to action on Moby Game Descriptions now! That's a great add! Also love the points being listed for the contributions that people can do, as further incentive to get people to add info. Great emphasis!

Also glad to see the Trivia added as an option for platforms, that's neat! Can't wait for UI buttons for Moby/markdown formatting to be added to text areas ;)

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Terok Nor (41080) on 12/29/2023 9:56 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

A suggestion: if a game of the same name is linked via relation, it should be filtered out from "See Also". Example: https://www.mobygames.com/game/23393/kings-quest-iii-to-heir-is-human/

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heather sturmer (135) on 12/29/2023 3:30 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

When will the subscribe button for mobypro come back?

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (565303) on 12/31/2023 11:17 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

BTW a quick shoutout to Sciere..... over 900.000 points..... jeez!

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Cavalary (11443) on 1/2/2024 2:01 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Oh, nice to see that call to action for descriptions!

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hoeksmas (142294) on 1/3/2024 1:58 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

"Fixed country selection when creating new cover groups" These little changes are so important to make Mobygames a better place to contribute.