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About Me:

PC gamer and believer in games-as-art since 2012.

I'll play just about anything for research, but the games I love the most are the ones that fully immerse me in the world they present.

I have the most interest in PC games that were made in the 90s or 00s or share the design philosophies of those eras. I'm always on the lookout for games that might have been lost to time, whether contemporarily unpopular, abandoned by the developers, or hidden behind a language barrier, so that I can dig them up and document them. Games are art, and like all art, we should work together to preserve as much of it as we can.

The oldest game I have added to MobyGames (so far) is Blastar (1984).

I am also a contributor with admin rights. Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat or have any questions about the submission process.